Bioclimatic house in Sotograndre




A bioclimatic house designed for a car collector.

The Triple House consists of three parts, the house, the greenhouse and the car showroom.

This single-family house built in Sotogrande is peculiar and different in several aspects, the use of its spaces, the combination of materials, the combination of users and its relationship with the environment.
The Casa Triple is a villa that lives towards the interior, towards its greenhouse patio, which acts as a filter between the area dedicated to housing and the area dedicated to the car showroom.

The patio, the greenhouse

The Triple House is hidden from an inhospitable environment to turn in on itself. Becoming energy and climate self-sufficient with sustainable architecture. In this village, traditional construction strategies have been developed with contemporary materials. Like the resolution of the interior patio by means of a greenhouse. The courtyard is an element traditionally created to provide climate control to the interior of the houses. In Andalusia we can find this element in traditional architecture, but it has fallen into disuse in current architecture.

With the creation of the greenhouse courtyard, the aim is to recover the functionality of this space in the house, and in this case it is enhanced by creating a polycarbonate enclosure that captures more heat in the winter and provides solar protection in the summer. This courtyard is also the articulating space of the dwelling, as it is at the same time the vertical communication nucleus between the two floors of the house. It is therefore used intensively throughout the year.


Bioclimatic house

Different systems have been incorporated into this house to achieve an energy-efficient bioclimatic house. Domestic hot water is provided by solar panels installed on the flat roof. Electrical energy is obtained through photovoltaic panels. The water used both in the bathrooms and in the kitchen is classified, differentiating between grey and black water. All the water is recycled and used for different purposes, depending on where it comes from. Most of this recycled water is used for the maintenance of the vegetation inside the greenhouse. Rainwater is also stored in tanks for later reuse. This set of actions turns the house into a passive house, establishing a new standard of ecological architecture in the area of Sotogrande.


Constructive system

The execution of the house is done with prefabricated systems, which substantially reduces both costs and execution time. The floors are made with hollow-core slabs and the structure is mainly steel. The modulation of the house and the treatment of the area destined to the cars as a diaphanous container allows an easy reconfiguration of the uses in case of change of future needs.


Authors: GonzaloGutierrez + Gonzalo del Val
Visualisation: Ombra